Rowing Camp 2020

2020 Rowing Camp

Details of the rowing camp sessions and timings for each group and in the spreadsheet. The year group listed on the left hand side is the year the boys are in 2020.

Parents are invited and encouraged to come down and assist the coaches, especially getting on and off the water with the low water level on the lake. 

Coxswains have been allocated to Year groups sessions. A separate email confirming exact details will be sent to all the coxswains. Coxswains have a busy schedule - a big thank you in advance for your efforts.

What to bring/wear

  • water bottle
  • running shoes
  • sunscreen
  • Marist PE uniform or zootie
  • towel
  • Marist rowing cap
  • snacks 

A few notes on the camp:

·        Please do not have a big breakfast just before the morning session.

·        Boys need to be picked up and dropped off between sessions. Please be on time with pick up and drop off as our volunteer coaches have work and other commitments to get to and will depart promptly at the end of the session and cannot wait around.

·        Day 3 (Friday, 31 January) we have our standard morning session. The afternoon session starts at 2:30PM. We will travel by bus to the Cusack’s Farm for our annual Rowing Challenge.

·        The boys can be picked up from the farm from 6:45PM. The Cusack's Farm is located on Sutton Road between Sutton and Gundaroo, just after Mulligan's Flat Road. The property name is "Bywong". A google map showing directions from the shed to "Bywong" is at the following link. We are still confirming dinner arrangements and will provide confirmation in the next few days.

·        If your son has an injury we ask that you encourage him to still come along, but advise the coaches of the injury so they do not undertake activities that may cause further injury. Boys with injuries will be able to assist with the running of activities and for rowing, they can observe from the coaches boat and learn a lot.


·        There have been a few minor changes to the traffic flow on the lake. Please take the time to review and follow the correct traffic flow.

·        On Saturday (ie the day after rowing camp) we have a rowing regatta to put into practice the hard work from rowing camp.