Training is typically held in the afternoons and on weekends. Training is never cancelled due to inclement weather - there is always indoor training. Training does continue over the winter months but the type of training and frequency will depend on weather, availability of boys and coaches, and commitment of the boys.

Boys train in their year groups and are supervised both on and off the water. During on-water training, the Club aims to have a Coach with one or more assistant coaches where possible. 

At the start of a season training will focus on strength and fitness, gradually incorporating technique and skills training as the year progresses, while maintaining a focus on fitness. Strength and fitness training incorporates elements of running, Ergs, rowing and core body strength.  

Boys are to wear Marist (not house) PE uniform (or MCCRC rowing clothing) and ensure they bring runners, a water bottle and hat to every training session.

The 2020-21 training times for each year group are mandatory sessions for all boys. Boys coxing may be allocated to different days to cox their respective crews.

After school training

Marist Rowing Club shed - Yarralumla Bay

Action School Bus Service from Marist to Yarralumla #2037 3.26pm for rowing training after school.

Disembark at the first stop in Schlich Street in Yarralumla & then walk across a grassed area/or footpath to the Marist Rowing Club shed.  

The Marist Rowing Club shed is located at Alexandrina Drive, Yarralumla Bay.


Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club

There are a few options:

Action School Bus Service #2041 3:15pm

Action Bus Service #R4  3:49pm

Action Bus Service #73 3:26pm

Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club is located under the Tuggeranong Library, Tuggeranong.


More detail can be found in the Action maps and service details for Marist.