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MCCRC - Club Registration and Membership Details


Season 2020-21 Rowing & Cox Club Members

Marist College Canberra school boys in years 6 to 12 (2020) (as well as boys joining the school in 2021) are welcome to join MCCRC. Boys in year 6 are considered on a case by case basis depending on numbers and space in the program. The competition season runs from October to March.  Year 6 boys are encouraged to cox and gain valuable skills before becoming a competitive rower in continuing years.  


All rowers are required to complete the online registration. One registration per rower.


Registration Fees

The Registration fees for season 2020/21 are:

  • Year 6 (2020): $200
  • Years 7 & 8 (2020 – new rowers): $550
  • Years 7 to 11 (2020 – returning rowers): $750


1. Boys in Years 6 (2020) will be Coxswains and will not train as often as other boys and will only get minimal opportunity to row at trainings and regattas during the 2020/21 season. Coxing forms a great rowing foundation and will benefit the boys as they progress.

2. New rowers in Years 7 & 8 (2020) will be Cox/Rower and will train and participate in regattas as coxswains when directed by coaches. These boys will row at training and regattas, but the amount of rowing will be less than boys registered as rowers only.

3. Boys in all year groups can be nominated, as required, to cox. 

4. For safety reasons boys in Year 6 (2020) will be restricted in numbers and only accepted by the Club dependent on availability of coaches and other registrations. 

5. Registrations for new rowers (boys that have not rowed before) will not accepted in 2020 for boys in Years 9, 10 and 11.

Full payment is due by the dates specified below. The Club may accept a two stage payment arrangement on request – please contact the Treasurer. Boys will not be allowed to train or row until full payment is made or an arrangement is accepted by the Treasurer.

Registration fees include: Membership of MCCRC; use of MCCRC boats and all associated equipment (e.g. tinnies and fuel); coaching provided by MCCRC; insurance; and competition (‘seat’) fees for ACT regattas only (number of entries per regatta to be determined by coaching staff).

Please note: All costs associated with interstate trips (e.g. transport, accommodation, seat fees, meals etc) will be additional. This includes the all club trip to SIRC in March 2021 (pending confirmation).

Fees are due by:

15 October 2020 (returning rowers)               

15  November 2020 (new rowers)

Payment Details

Account: Marist College Canberra Rowing Club

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB: 062914; Account Number: 1074 5550

Please include rower’s name in the reference.