Tuggeranong Cup Regatta

 02 Nov 2019

Tuggeranong Cup Regatta – 2 Nov 2019

Dear Rowers and Parents,

1. The 2019 Tuggeranong Cup Regatta is being held at Lake Tuggeranong this Saturday 2 Nov. It is a short regatta and we plan to be finished rowing by around 12PM, with pack up of boats complete by 1PM.

Please do not read the crew list and assume that if you are not listed then you are not rowing. It is a round robin event so there will be opportunities for other boys not listed to row.

2. This regatta is a different format from other regatta’s in that it is only quad sculls (ie no singles or doubles).  Competition is in five categories (Mens, Womens, Mixed, Schoolgirls and Schoolboys) with each category competing against each other in 750m races. This will be in a round robin format with the top point scorers making up the category final. The winners of each category then compete in a handicapped final for the “Tuggeranong Cup”. There is also an ‘Almost Champions’ final for the slowest boats in each category.

3. We are severely restricted by the number of crews we can enter as we only have seven coxed quad boats (assuming we can utilise some of the LTRC quad boats). You will note that the Senior boys are not racing as we do not have enough boats. 

4. Some boys are not listed in the crews. The intention is to rotate boys through the crews (if coaches believe that they are capable of rowing in a race) therefore all Marist boys are to attend the regatta unless the below pertains to you. 

The crew list and the boat allocation list the starting crews before rotation / changes. The coaches will make changes to the crews on Saturday. Please do not follow any other crew list (ie the Rowing ACT website) as we have changed some of the crew compositions.  Only follow the crew list and the boat allocation accessed at the bottom of this web page. Please remember what Marist crew number you are in as per the crew list. The crews are listed as Marist College 1 through to Marist College 7.

5. All boys in crews Marist College 1 through to Marist College 7 are to be at Lake Tuggeranong, Sea Scout Beach, Mortimer Lewis Drive by 6:45AM. Please be on time as we have to rig all the boats.

Any other boy not listed is to be at the Sea Scout Beach at 6:45AM.

6. The race draw details the times you are racing ie each crew is in multiple races.

7. All the boys are to wear correct Marist sporting uniform (not house PE uniform) to and from the regatta and whilst at the regatta. Appropriate uniforms are the Marist zootie, Marist rowing clothing, the school tracksuit or the school light blue polo shirt. All boys are to wear the Marist zootie, Marist white sunshirt (rashie) and only the Marist rowing hat in races - no other attire is allowed. All boys in each crew are to have exactly the same outfit.

8. Please bring a hat, water, sunscreen, food and warm clothing as it can be a demanding day in the cold / sun. And don’t forget a chair.

9. Details of the round robin system are:

  • Crews will compete over three rounds and will accrue points for each race;
  • The winners of each category then compete in a handicapped final for the “Tuggeranong Cup”;
  • There is also an ‘Almost Champions’ final for the slowest boats in each category.

Some additional information also assists with explaining the event.

10. Marist will be launching boats from the beach near the Sea Scout facility on Mortimer Lewis Drive.

All boats are to travel from Sea Scout beach area to start line located at the northern end of the marked 1000m buoy line. Crews may warm up by travelling in an anti-clockwise direction around the 3 islands to the north of the Sea Scout beach, at the north end of the lake. Competitors will be marshalled into race groups at Ngadyung Beach, near to the start line. After the finish (at 750m) boats are to move clear of the following race and return to the Sea Scout beach travelling north on the east side of the lake.

11. Boat loading will occur at 6PM - 7PM on Friday night at the Marist Rowing Shed, Yarralumla Bay. The following Year 9's and parents are designated to load – Blacker, Cusack, Davis, Egan, Richards, Green, Hayes.


12. Unloading will occur on Saturday around 2PM. The following Year 9's and parents are designated to unload at Marist – Jack, Keating, Lloyd, Martin, Miller, Penrose.

13. There will be no Marist Rowing presentation after the regatta, however there is a combined one for all crews at the Sea Scout Beach.

14. The best spectator locations will be from the lake’s edge outside the Lake Tuggeranong College and Totem Pole point just south of the regatta boat park near the Sea Scout beach. A continuous bike path circumnavigates the entire lake for easy commuting between the Sea Scout beach and the LTRC shed. A coffee cart and first aid services will also be located near the Sea Scout beach.

15. Marist will be having a BBQ - so please assist and also support the club by buying some food and drinks.

16. The seniors will have a training session at the Marist Rowing Shed from 6-9AM (unless advised otherwise).

17. We still need someone with a ute or 4 wheel drive to tow the boats from the Marist Rowing Shed to Tuggeranong and back again. If you can assist then please contact Danny Rosin (0417 686 350) or Hugo Ellwood (0408 021 892) before Friday lunch.

If you have any questions then please call or email me or contact your coaches or parent year group coordinators.

Best of luck

Simon Dunphy
Head Coach
0435 125 189

Tuggeranong Cup - 2/11/19    
Crew Athletes Coxswain
Marist College 1 William Davies,Nicholas Davies,William Green,Jack Miller, Brodie Davis(c)
Marist College 2 Daragh Hayes,Kai Martin,Harvey Jack,James Cusack, Ryan Williams(c)
Marist College 3 Charlie Penrose,Michael Keating,Caleb Lloyd,Liam Egan-Richards, Benjamin Cusack(c)
Marist College 4 Darcy James,Ben Vardy,Jonah Penrose,Jesse Rosin, Austin Bennie(c)
Marist College 5 Johnny Frilingos,Digby Blacker,David Birch,Liam Motherway, James Harrex(c)
Marist College 6 Benjamin Hutchison,Owen Atkinson,Xander Wild,David Smyth, Sam Martin(c)
Marist College 7 Hugo Blacker,Oliver Fitje du Preez,William Choules,James Templeton, David Still(c)