Capital Lakes Sprint Regatta

Lake Burley Griffin - Dragon Boat Course - Grevillea Park 05 Dec 2020

Dear Rowers and Parents,

This Saturday we have a short regatta involving our junior novice crews who will be racing for the first time. We also have training for all the boys not rowing in the regatta, Blessing of the Boats and the announcement of the Rowing Captains. So the logistics get a little complicated. So please take the time to read the following and it will all make sense.



1. Seniors training. The following crews are to arrive at the sheds by 5:45AM for a training row. Coxswains can arrive at 6AM.

Alex Ellwood, Harvey Ellwood, Jack Miller,  Riley Chifley Tom Penrose DAMO
Caleb Lloyd, Thomas Newham, Charlie Penrose, Michael Keating Jacobi Skene KINSELLA
Nick Davies, William Davies, Kai Martin, Brynn Hart,  Mitchell Wadie BR MAY 2


2. Other years training. The following crews are to arrive at the sheds by 6:30AM for a training row.

Jesse Rosin, Darcy James, Digby Blacker, David Birch Liam Motherway
Owen Atkinson, Shon McCann, Xander Wild, Jonah Penrose Ben Vardy
Austin Bennie, James Templeton, Sam Martin, Ben Cusack Oliver Fitje du Preez

3. These 6 crews will be involved in a training row  to return the boats to the Marist shed at the completion of the regatta.



4. All the other boys not listed above will be racing in the regatta and need to be at Grevillea Park at the Capital Lakes Rowing Club by 7:20AM. This is near the Boat House Restaurant.

5. The full program of events ie all races and crews can be found on the Rowing ACT website. There are changes to this program and therefore it is important that you only use the Marist entries spreadsheet to determine when you are racing.  Coxswains have been nominated - so please check the spreadsheet in case you are coxing. Please check the boat allocation details. The five quads being used for the regatta will be taken to the regatta by the boys training prior to the regatta. 

6. The regatta is a short course regatta on the Dragon Boat Course and is only 300m in length. Please see the Capital Lakes Sprint Regatta map to understand the traffic flow.

7. Algae Levels & Pontoon Usage. East Basin is currently closed to primary contact. As such, all crews will need to launch off the pontoon. This has been allowed for in the race schedule, and ask that all crews work on the day to make this as smooth and safe as possible. If an athlete does come into contact with the water, please let us know so that we can ensure the athlete rinses the water off straight away.

8. The regatta will start at 8AM, and the last final is scheduled for 9:42AM. This will then be followed by a Coastal Rowing Demonstration Event, which we encourage everyone to watch and the presentation of medals for the regatta.

9. Lanes. Most rowers will not be familiar with the course. As such, rowers and coxswains need to listen to umpires, who will direct them into the best lane for them. Crews will be separated wherever possible to give them as much space as possible.

10. Indoor Rowing. Please be aware that there will be some rowers using the ergs at CLRC to compete in the Oceania Indoor Rowing Championships. Please do not distract these athletes while they are competing.

11. Toilets. Please do not use the bathrooms in the CLRC Shed, instead make use of the portable toilets.

12. All the boys are to wear correct Marist sporting uniform (not house PE uniform) to and from the regatta and whilst at the regatta. Appropriate uniforms are the Marist zootie, Marist rowing clothing, white rowing sunshirt, the school tracksuit or the school light blue polo shirt. All boys are to wear the Marist zootie, white rowing sunshirt and only the Marist rowing hat in races - no other attire is allowed. All boys in the same crew are to have identical uniforms.

13. Parents please bring a hat, water, sunscreen, food and warm clothing as it can be a demanding day in the cold / sun. And don't forget a chair.

14. Live results are available for ACT regattas at the following site


Blessing of the Boats and announcement of Captains

15. All the club (boys and parents) to be at the shed at 11:30AM for Blessing of Boats and Captains presentation. 

16. A BBQ will be available kindly manned by the (current) Yr9 parents, so bring your cash. The sausages are better than Bunnings and it will be the best bacon egg roll you have all weekend. 

  • B&E roll $5
  • Sausage sanga $2.50
  • Soft drinks $2

17. The MCCRC rugby top will be on sale at crazy never to be repeated prices. Fantastic for Chrissy. Instructions are all stock must go to fundraiser for new equipment and make room in the shed. Make sure you secure either a long sleeve for $55 or a short sleeve for $40. Crazy value. We’ll accept cash or bank transfer. 

18. The formal activities should be completed by 12:40PM.


Parents - please pass this email to your sons or discuss it with them as they need to know where they need to be.


If you have any questions then please contact your parent year group coordinators.

Good luck to everyone and especially to those rowing in their first regatta and remember to have fun and enjoy the regatta.



Simon Dunphy
Head Coach
0435 125 189