CGS Regatta

Lake Burley Griffin 02 Feb 2019

1. The Marist Entries for the first few races are in the spreadsheet.  The rest of the entries will be added later tonight. Coxswains have been nominated - so please check the spreadsheet in case you are coxing. 

2. The boys rowing in races 1-21 are to be at The Marist shed at 1.5 hours before their race.

3. All other boys are to go to Weston Park ie the end of Pescott Lane (near the mini train) ("The Fort Thing" on the goo=gle map) by 8:10AM to watch the first race with a Marist entry. Marist will be boating out of Weston Park. However, some boats will need to be picked up at Marist. Weston Park provides the best spot for viewing the races and getting an idea of what occurs at a regatta. A map the area is at:

4. All the regattas are mandatory events for all those in the club whether you are rowing or not rowing - this is as per the Season Calendar. It is expected that all boys are in attendance from the first race right up until all the boats and equipment are packed away and we have our medal presentation. All the boys are required to support their fellow rowers and use the day to observe what occurs as it does get very hectic as the season goes on and there is no time for delays or confusion - races start on time whether we are at the start or not. Medals are awarded for first, second and third place and are not to be collected by the boys or parents during the regatta. A MCCRC representative will collect all the medals awarded to Marist at the end of the regatta and these will be presented at Weston Park. 

5. At the conclusion of the regatta we will be having the medal presentation at the Marist shed at 3:00PM. 

6. All the boys are to wear correct Marist sporting uniform to and from the regatta and whilst at the regatta. Appropriate uniforms are the Marist zootie, sunshirt, Marist rowing clothing, the school tracksuit or the school light blue polo shirt. All boys are to wear the Marist zootie, sun shirt and only the Marist rowing hat in races - no other attire is allowed.

7. Please bring a hat, water, sunscreen, food, warm clothing and an umbrella as it can be a demanding day in the cold / sun. And don't forget a chair.

8. The reverse traffic flow on the lake will be in operation for this regatta. The following link details what this means. If in doubt please ask a coach to explain it to you.

9. All the boys are to come to the regatta with their race time, race number and lane number written on their arm in permanent marker - this is to avoid confusion throughout the day and removes the need to constantly ask "when is my race ?".

10. If you need a ride between the Marist shed and Weston Park - please ask a parent. We utilise parent volunteers - so please assist.

11. Live results are available for ACT regattas at the following site

12. As is always the case we run a bbq at the regatta – this helps with the boys/families having a feed but is an important fund raiser.

13. Parents - please pass this email to your sons or discuss it with them.

The weather forecast is for a warm 26 deg C a gentle breeze increasing with maybe a shower - so perfect for rowing! 

Enjoy the regatta, our first regatta for 2019.