ACT State Championships (CRC/Marist) - 3/4 March 2017

Lake Burley Griffin 04 Mar 2017

Parent Roster for assisting at ACT Championships on 3 March 2017

See roster. Thank you for helping out with the running of this regatta - this is the one regatta for the year that Marist are required to assist. Please be available 10 minutes before your scheduled time so we have a smooth handover of tasks.

  • All finish line positions are to meet at the finish line - judging hut.
  • Platform Marshall's and Weston Park positions are to meet at the Rowing ACT tent at Weston Park.


Rowing Program

The spreadsheet of crews for both Saturday and Sunday is available. Please take note of the changes in red text - some boys are not rowing in their normal crews / age groups and some coxswains are coxing additional crews.

Boys can come and go over the weekend and do no thave to stay for the full two days but must be back at the correct location to pick up their boat at least 90min before their scheduled race. Please don't be late. Please also advise your coaches if you are leaving as their will be some vacancies and crew conflicts where we will need to replace some members of the crew.

Please note that this is a different format of a regatta than most people are familiar with. This regatta has four sessions:

  • Saturday morning
  • Saturday afternoon
  • Sunday morning
  • Sunday afternoon

Each session is self contained in that if there are heats then the finals will occur in that session.

There are some races that are straight finals but most have heats. There are non championship events (competency based) which are a race with no heats and their are championship events (age based). 

PROGRESSION for events with heats:

  • 2 Heats: 1st-3rd > Final
  • 3 Heats: 1st-2nd > Final
  • 4 Heats: 1st > Final, plus 3 next fastest crews (in the event)
  • 5 Heats: 1st > Final, plus 2 next fastest crews (in the event)
  • 6 Heats: 1st > Final, plus next fastest crew (in the event)

The uncoloured rows in the program indicate where there are finals. The uncoloured races only go ahead if you make the finals. So please do not leave the regatta without checking with your coach if you can leave.

Medals are awarded for both championship and non-championship events. The medals will be provided to Marist during the coming week and handed out next weekend.

Weather forecast - mid 20's, light winds, rain and some thunderstorms  - perfect conditions for rowing !!



All boys are to be at the regatta 90 minutes or more before their scheduled race on both Saturday and Sunday. Boys are encouraged to stay and support and assist over the weekend, especially near the end of the regatta each day as boats need to be returned to CRC. Boys are to check before their race where the boat is to be returned to as it can depend on where they finish in their race. Please note that there are finals and in some cases we do not know which boys make it through to the finals until the results are published. If you plan to leave the regatta please advise your coach.


Boat Allocation

The boat allocation for Saturday and Sunday will be published this evening.


Live results are available at


Coxswain weigh in.

All coxswains are to weight in and carry weights for their race if required.

Weigh in will start 7am at Weston Park or Radford on Saturday and Sunday

Coxes need only weigh in once for the weekend

The earlier Sunday coxed events of Races 77 MastW 8+, Race 86 MU174x+ - you are recommended to weigh your coxes in on Saturday.

Weight bags and spare weights are at CRC near the cox boxes or at Weston Park. All coxswains please bring a non-plastic shopping bag and tape to create your own weigth bag.

If you do not carry weights and are checked by a Boat Race Official your crew will be disqualified.


Coxswains weight:

The minimum weight for a coxswain (wearing racing uniform) is 55kg for men’s Open, men’s Masters, and Under 19 men’s crews,

It is 50 kg for women’s Open, women’s Masters, women’s Under 19,Schoolboy, Schoolgirl, Under 17 and younger (men and women), para-rowing and masters mixed crews.