2018 ACT Schools Regatta

Lake Burley Griffin 24 Nov 2018

1. It is a schools only regatta and shorter than normal ACT regattas. The last race is at 12:45PM.

2. There are divisions, heats and finals - so check the event type. If the event has a heat then it will have a final. There are some straight finals. Year 10 and School Boy races are 1800m. Year 8 and 9 races are 1000m.

3. There are no medals for this regatta but there is a limted number of ASC (Associated Southern Schools water bottles as prizes). 

4. We will be boating out of Weston Park. Our boats will be positioned on the grass near the pontoons not under the trees.

5. Boys in Races 1 to 11 need to be at the Marist shed 80mins before your race. All other boys are to be at Weston Park by 7:30AM.

6. Please use the crew spreadsheet and not the program or draw on the ACT rowing website as our entries have changed - they always do. Please write your race, time and Marist crew number on your arm.

7. The boat allocation is the last column in the crew spreadsheet. Please take note of where you are picking up and returning your boat.

8. Coxswains have been nominated - so please take a look at the spreadsheet.

9. This is a schools regatta and as such the schools and parents are assisting with the running of the regatta. We do not have to provide many volunteers unlike the last regatta. Most of the positions have been filled but if you can help out then please sign up at

10. We will have our Marist BBQ - so please help out if you can. Some other schools will have BBQ's and food, as all the schools are boating from Weston Park. 

11. 6. All the boys are to wear correct Marist sporting uniform (not house PE uniform) to and from the regatta and whilst at the regatta. Appropriate uniforms are the Marist zootie, Marist rowing clothing, white rowing sunshirt, the school tracksuit or the school light blue polo shirt. All boys are to wear the Marist zootie, white rowing sunshirt and only the Marist rowing hat in races - no other attire is allowed. All boys in the same crew are to have identical uniforms.

12. Live results are at:

13. Weather forecast is for sunny conditions with some cloud, up to 19 deg C and light winds - perfect for rowing.

Enjoy the regatta.