ACT Schools Head of the Lake

Lake Burley Griffin 11 Mar 2017

1. This is the fourth time this regatta has been run - it is a very short regatta.

2. It is a schools only regatta and there are no doubles events. Each rower can only go in one race.

3. Medals will be awarded for each race.

4. We will be boating out of Weston Park with the first boats departing as usual from CRC.

5. Boys in Races 2, 5 and 6 need to be at CRC at 6:30AM. Boys in races 12 (CGGS Boat) and 13 are to be at CRC at 7:30AM. All other boys are to be at Weston Park by 8:00AM. It is a relatively short regatta and all the boys are required to be there to watch and support all the Marist crews.

6. Please use the crew spreadsheet and not the program or draw on the ACT rowing website as our entries have changed.

7. The boat allocation is not in the normal format. It is the last colum in the crew spreadsheet. Please look at the key at the and know where you are picking up and dropping your boat. 

8. As it is a short regatta we will return all boats to CRC at the end of the regatta not during the regatta.

9. All races are 1000m except for the Year 11 & 12 races which are 1800m.

1000m races: Will start at 1650m (150m in front of usual 1800m start) and finish in front of Weston Park

1800m races: Usual 1800m start and finish. 

The map of the HOL shows the start and finish lines.

10. Weather forecast is for sunny conditions, nearing 20 deg C and light winds - perfect for rowing.

11. There will be a medal presentation at CRC from 11:30AM. We are alos planning on having our annual awards and photos and there will be some refreshments provided.