About Us

Marist Rowing Club’s seventh season (2016/17) has come to a close after a very busy and fulfilling start to the new school year with the annual boat camp during the school holidays, a successful ACT Championships, four local regattas and a whole club rowers & families’ week-end at the NSW Schoolboy Head of the River on Sunday, 19 March.

Canberra Rowing Club (CRC)

The support from CRC continues.  Access to the logistics needed to provide the program, to the sheds, to the boats, to coaching, to mentoring is not to be underestimated. MCCRC is very fortunate to have the support we do and we recognise the CRC support gratefully. 


Our Club continues to have solid representation at local regattas as well as at the NSW State Championships, NSW Schoolboy Head of the River and in past seasons, the Australian Open Schools Rowing Championships (Nationals).  These interstate trips provide a strong sense of camaraderie not only amongst the boys but the broader Marist rowing community. We will continue building that spirit, to strengthen and grow our club.


MCCRC has a very professional coaching staff comprised of parents, friends, current and former student rowers, CRC members and ACT Rowing personnel. These dedicated followers of the sport of rowing contribute an enormous amount of time and energy to improve the skills of our club rowers. 

Rowing Camp

As a warm up to the ‘business end’ of the season, our rowers spend time at boat camp in January. The camp is held at CRC and has included a fitness/fun day on the South Coast as well as a local farm, always culminating in a family BBQ dinner.


A number of MCCRC awards are given each year. These include coach year group awards, fitness/strength (Erg) awards, and major awards (including the President’s Awards, Senior & Junior Oarsman of the Year Awards, Coxswain of the Year and Most Improved). These recognise boys for their outstanding commitment and effort.